Balconies must do it all. They are a part of a building’s exterior, but at the same time are also considered to be a part of the building’s living space and thus must be functional and attractive.

Balconies and terraces are highly stressed because they consist of relatively thin sections of concrete permanently exposed to the weather on multiple sides. E ects from heat, frost, rain, chlorides and other pollutants all join together to cause cracks and leaks which can ultimately lead to failure of the concrete.

Sika has high-performance products that will protect your building and your investment with maximum waterproof ng protection, while still o ering a wide range of aesthetic options. Sika’s diverse product line includes polyurethanes, epoxies and cement based coatings as well as high-performance sealants that are designed to make concrete and masonry impermeable to water. These products o er the exibility needed to handle all your balcony waterproo ng needs.