Hidden from sight, the below grade portion of a building typically serves some essential function and always receives special attention from savvy building owners, designers and contractors. parking garages, mechanical rooms, storage areas, retail stores, offices and high-end, moisture- free laboratories or data storage centers filled with high-tech equipment- any of these services may be located bellow grade in buildings. preventing moisture from getting into these spaces is critical and presents a specific set of challenges. 

Below grade construction is constantly exposed to moisture and rarely has an opportunity to fully dry out. Penetrations through foundation walls and construction joints provide an easy path for water infiltration. Urban areas often have tight site constraints that inhibit full access to the exterior side of the foundation walls. Construction errors that include improper concrete consolidation, displaced waterstops and inappropriate concrete mix designs can result in numerous opportunities for water to enter the finished below grade space. Correcting problems «after the fact» is especially challenging because of a lack of direct access.

Sika has more than 100 years of experience in watertight concrete construction. Over the years, Sika has developed a variety of concrete admixtures for the production of watertight concrete and pre/post applied waterproofing joints. Sika has  the ability to combine multiple products and technologies into one watertight system, enabling us to offer highly sophisticated and custom-tailored solutions that address all below grade needs.