Industrial, commercial and institutional buildings require oor systems that can withstand the daily rigors associated with manufacturing and processing. These oors are among the most exposed and highly stressed parts of any building.

Sika’s advanced ooring products safeguard both facility ooring and the building owner’s bottom-line, with applications in a wide range of industries that include food and beverage, electronics and static control, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, education, transportation, commercial / institutional construction, and general manufacturing.

Sika oor is the most innovative and durable polymer ooring product line available today. These products are specs cally formulated to create sturdy, seamless for surfaces that are long-lasting and exhibit unparalleled resistance to hazards typically found in an industrial setting. The products protect against wear, abrasion, chemicals, impact, thermal shock, stains, harsh chemicals, electrostatic discharge, spark/ignition, and UV light.

In addition, Sika oor products supply an array of aesthetic and functional bene ts which include excellent adhesion to concrete, light re ection for illumination of the workplace, high-gloss to satin nishes, high-wear nishes, numerous decorative options and fast- cure options for quick turnarounds.

Sika o ers a diverse selection of epoxy and urethane oor coatings and resurfacers that comply with air quality mandates and help contribute to green building e orts. Many of the products are odor-free and VOC-compliant.